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Facebook Rant

Originally posted on Jon Leighton:
My slapdash, hastily written, gritted teeth Facebook rant the other night got over 28,000 likes. Who’d have thought a pie chart I found searching google would cause so much of a stir? The pie chart…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

I suppose it’s grimly appropriate that, in the week of Margaret Thatcher’s death, I have been out photographing evidence of the decline of tin mining in Cornwall. But if I’m honest, I have no idea whether or not Thatcher had … Continue reading

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The Shirk Ethic

Son 2’s lovely 18 year old girlfriend just found herself a full-time job. This, of course, is great news when so many young people are genuinely struggling to get themselves onto the employment ladder. So I was evidently all-kinds-of-wrong when … Continue reading

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My grandmother’s drawings

I’ve been blitzing the house today. My kitchen is so clean I’m scared to go in it and I’ve filled a box big enough to sleep in with recycling from the spare room. This afternoon I started tackling the bookshelves … Continue reading

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