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Why I don’t hate Facebook

There are a helluva lot of people online writing about how much they hate Facebook. They hate it mainly because they feel it takes up too much of their time; because it can be a risk to personal privacy and … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Love (and more words than there should be)

We’re not a family that talks about love much. That doesn’t mean we don’t feel it – not at all – just that declarations of love can seem a bit insincere to our oh-so-British ears. This is particularly so when … Continue reading

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In which I make a list and get sidetracked by homosexuality

Even after only a short time away, I miss my blog. I miss reading and communicating with my fellow bloggers and I miss thinking about stuff long enough to write words about it. But I’ve gone back to work after … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This week’s photo challenge is another difficult one… I haven’t consciously made any new year’s resolutions because I don’t need any more excuses to feel like someone who never finishes what she starts. Not excuses – reasons. The reason I … Continue reading

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Freedom of choice isn’t always freedom

My wellies have split, so yesterday I walked Porthtowan beach with my left foot sloshing about in seawater as warm as amniotic fluid. I loved my wellies, and am very sad to have to replace them. Apart from the fact … Continue reading

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