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Proof that women are definitely funny

I see what happens. Yes, I thought as much. A blog is the same sort of thing as a yogurt maker or a Remington Fuzzaway; you get all excited about it for a while and write frenziedly for a few … Continue reading

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A Mother of an Epiphany.

I was in the foulest of all possible moods on the train this morning. I was the commuting centre of a vortex of rage: futile, head-throbbing, hopeless gum-gnashing fury at the world for making me have to get out of … Continue reading

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I am afraid, this morning, of my face.

I have been trying to write something about aging for weeks and weeks now, and I just can’t seem to formulate my thoughts into appropriately blogworthy non-gibberish. Or is all that stuff in my head thoughts, exactly? I don’t know. … Continue reading

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The Love Palace of the Pornognome

Last year I bought my first house. I’m quite old for someone buying their first house, but it took me ages to grow up enough, and I still failed entirely to take the process seriously. But then, that’s not surprising … Continue reading

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Punk’s not dead. But maybe it’s time it paid a visit to Dignitas. A friend of mine introduced me to Frank Turner a while ago. I like his old fashioned, idealistic enthusiasm. The idea that Rock n Roll can save the world, for example. Bless. He calls out to ‘punks’ and ‘skins’ … Continue reading

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