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Where am I?

Hello lovely people, Some time ago a friend moved this blog to a .com address for me, but I don’t think any of you came with me. I have no idea what to do about that apart from tell you … Continue reading

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Fish Rescue

Originally posted on One & All:
I know she isn’t a human, but she DOES have a face and she DOES live in Cornwall, so I would like to introduce you to this fish called Puff. She once lived with…

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The Wasteland of the Learning Mountains

My 11 year old niece Maisie heard me doing typical teachery education-system-bemoaning to her parents the other evening. “Oh,” she said. “EVERYONE hates Michael Gove. Here. I did this with my friend Magda.” And she showed me this series of … Continue reading

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Bulloverman made me some things

Thank you Bulloverman.     …

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I received an email from a friend a while ago saying: “Whoops. A student cried in my lecture today because the world is so unfair and we can’t change it. We were only doing the media representation of crime but … Continue reading

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Why I support the ‘No More Page 3’ Campaign

When I was a young girl – several thousand years ago – I was heart-clenchingly embarrassed by the newsagent top shelves and their smear of pouting, arching, private female flesh. I’d been taught that sex was a special, intimate thing … Continue reading

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In Defence of Masculinity

When I was studying for my degree I discovered that gender is a social construct made up by an oppressive society to keep women in the kitchen, men out of high heels and everyone spending all their money on hob … Continue reading

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