Macsalvors: For all your wheelchair, fishing buoy and plastic groin needs.

I wasn’t notably enthusiastic when spouse suggested I accompany him to Macsalvors this morning.

Macsalvors is a shop that is famous in Cornwall for selling… well… all the sorts of things that practical people like. It started as a marine salvage outlet, and has evolved into a place where spouse wants to spend a million quid every time he passes through its automatic portal.

I have nothing against the place at all. In fact I quite like it, but it’s not enough on its own to make me leave the house on a seriously rainy day. Spouse, however, pointed out the error of my slatternly ways as I lolled on the sofa frustratedly reading other people being wrong on the Internet, and thereby persuaded me it would be healthier to look at rope with him. So Macsalvors it was.

I’m glad I went. I hadn’t noticed all the slightly morose shop dummies before.


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5 Responses to Macsalvors: For all your wheelchair, fishing buoy and plastic groin needs.

  1. I love anyplace that would have a department called “Garden Sundries”. Now I will be looking at the expressions on the mannequins next time I’m forced to shop. Rather depressed lot, aren’t they? I suppose anyone would be, knowing that they’d been marked down.

  2. ninano says:

    Informative photos. The Security cap-mannequin looks like he’s been weeping…
    This kind of shops exist here, too. (They are often called ‘gubb-dagis’ in Swedish. That means something like ‘Daycare for elderly men’.) I can fully understand your Spouse’s fascination. There is always something to discover. New possibilities to consider, bargains to do. And you don’t necessarily have to feel like an easily fooled consumer, because you buy something to “work” with. Myself, I prefer going to second hand-shops, sometimes to spend hours imagining all the presumptive projects.

    • Oh I like that! And I remember the word “gubbe” for old man. My grandmother used to use “gubbe gubb” as an endearment. I can hear her saying it right now.

      I love second hand shops too. And art shops….

  3. Oh, interesting faces…We have one of those stores close by. My husband is a bit strange though, because hardly anything in there would interest him. In fact I sometimes wish there was…because many things in our garden need to be something done about. We have this old garden, but none of is is really working in it. I like to sit in it and drink some coffee. Look at my flowers too. Poking around in the earth is not what i generally do there.

    My favourite shops are selling flowers or second hand things – especially glass and cheramics, but also clothes. Top favourites are of course book stores!

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