Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

These weekly challenges are difficult. I usually manage something, but last week’s topic, ‘kiss’ ended up stumping me altogether. I looked through my street photography and was disappointed to note that I’ve never managed to catch any spontaneous snog pictures, and my family are not particularly known for their public displays of affection. The closest I came up with was this romantic moment between son 2 and his girlfriend. It’s not a kiss, exactly. alice and jay finger

My interpretation of this week’s challenge is better than last week’s because… well… I actually did one. Only… ‘interpretation’ is probably not quite the right word – the proper word is something like, ‘literalation’ because I’ve taken the challenge, and sort of sat still with it.

Instead of dreaming up a lovely metaphor for overcoming hurdles in life or whatever, I’ve just chosen pictures of walking. Or shambling. Or in some cases running. There are no deep meanings here, and you won’t be drifting off to sleep at night even slightly more enlightened than you were before you saw my pictures of perambulating mammals. Sorry.


17 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. I like your approach. I had difficulties to find something for the kiss theme, too. When I finally found a photo with a son and a girlfriend kissing it was simply too much of a cliche; I couldn’t publish it. (Of course, it’s also a matter of integrity.)
    I’ll see what I can do with ‘forward’. You caught some good moments, especially the dogs!

  2. Life intervenes all the time, I think: Right now with an intense period of working, a harddisk with thousands and thousands of photos and so many new ideas! Unfortunately, my eyes go on strike, and I have to avoid spending too many hours looking at the screen.

  3. Probably a matter of aging, yes. My eyes are definitely the most hardworking part of me. But I guess you know that when you look out of focus, you can discover things you don’t normally see?

  4. I think I heard that story, too. New shapes and shades will appear when you see something from the corner of your eye. Or when you look at the picture upside-down – I learned at art school…
    It happens with thinking, too. When there is a problem one has been trying to solve intensely, the best is often to do something different for a while, as the brain will get a chance to find a new angle of incidence. A growing number of ‘out of focus’ could mean you are busy, resolving important matters.

      1. I am surprised to find you disturbed by my relish. I will never alarm you with relish or miscellaneous conversational chutney ever again. Bleddy great pig though eh? He/she looks like he/she would jump up like a dog and knock you over. I think pigs are great.

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