Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012

This has been an interesting photo challenge. Interesting for me, that is, not you, my poor visitor. It can’t be very interesting for you to have to sit through people-you-don’t-know’s years. Especially since people tend only to take photos of the things that make them seem shiny.

It was interesting to me though because, before I did this, if someone had asked me, “how was your 2012?” I would have said, “Totally shite. Bloody awful. One of my worst years ever.” And yet, when I looked through my photos I found that there have been brilliant things in every single month of the year. Properly brilliant things – ones that made my heart sing happy songs – even though in the background I was in the throes of work-based misery. Of course, photos are a massive edit of your life – you don’t take pictures of yourself crying for days on a sofa or going to a funeral, etc. But even so – the fact that I was able to produce such a happy set of edited highlights shows there were some very highlighty highlights.

There’s a lesson in this. Something to do with the ways we view the world, etc. I won’t write it here in case it gets all fridge magnety.

4 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012

  1. An interesting set of images for your annus horriblis. I particularly like the banana and the love coupon. I wonder who does write those fridge magnety things? It’s a job, someones got to do it I suppose. Unless people stop buying fridge magnets.

    I did take photographs of the bad times once, or got other people to take them – as a photographic experiment. I’ve got quite a few portraits of me crying.

  2. Uh, I’m trying to get the gallery going but keep getting switched back to a page where it says something about being sorry and maybe I should take a look at your blog posts…or something. I will have to manage with the gallery as it is – so far. It looks great (!) and I’m with you on the idea of the task saying something about the way you look at life. Right now it’s rectangular.

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