The only thing I ever won before this Christmas was a set of kitchen knives in St. Day School raffle.


I am feeling both delighted and guilty.

Delighted because I have been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award – two awards in one festive season is more than a middle aged oaf deserves – and guilty because it means I’m expected to do some more rambling about myself. This time I’ll keep it to a minimum.

It was Nina at who nominated me. She is a graphic designer and a fantastic photographer whose mission it is “to beautify the world”. Certainly the world through her Swedish lens looks very beautiful – go and explore. She has an exceptional aesthetic eye. I only wish I’d been less lazy and learned some Swedish from my mother as a child, then I would be able to read her words as well.

The rules are:

  1. write 7 facts about yourself
  2. pass the award on to those bloggers who inspire you

Well, I’ll keep the facts short

  1. The only thing that annoys me about brown spaniel is that noise he makes when he’s licking his nether regions
  2. Tea and toast – evidence of a creator’s hand (not really).
  3. I spent all day reading articles and comments on and the commenters on some of the articles have made me want to go and live on a deserted island and/or drown myself in a vat.
  4. My wellies have sprung a leak and I’m too traumatised by the social class connotations of the wellies people choose to know how to replace them.
  5. My right knee creaks when I go upstairs.
  6. I don’t think Johnny Depp is handsome.
  7. Sometimes I pretend I have a narrator.

The second part of my duties as award winner is to nominate my inspirers, but I have been too busy exploring the ones that inspire Nina to give this the thought it deserves. I’ll do mine in the next installment, but in the meantime, here’s the link to her post so you can share hers.

Thank you again Nina.


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Bewildered human. Female. Looking for the next entertaining thing. I write a blog to share the bewilderment. It's here:
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9 Responses to The only thing I ever won before this Christmas was a set of kitchen knives in St. Day School raffle.

  1. Congrats! On your award and on your managing to ramble about yourself! And Happy New Blogging year!

  2. I’m right there with you on creaky knees (both of mine!). I had to see a physical therapist when I injured myself and she told me those noises were called “crepitus”. Of course, I now refer to them as the crap-itus. And I second the Johnny Depp opinion! Congrats on the award and have a happy new year!

  3. One more award and you become a triple threat…or super awesome! Wait, you’re already awesome!

    • Flatterer! What kind of threat? Could I be used as a way to keep crows away from cornfields?

      • Hah! No, that’s my job, although I’m not very good at it. Crows do not find me threatening at all.

        You just excel in all the areas of blogging–hence the triple threat. Terrific photos, witty commentary (see above) and amusing anecdotes…see? Triple threat for sure. Keep up the good work!

      • I bet Grimm causes some trepidation in the hearts of crows, though.

        Thank you wholeheartedly for all your support x

      • You would think he would, but no…crows are too much like chickens, and he was too traumatized by one to ever go near a large(ish) bird ever again (see for the full explanation).

        And, you are very welcome! Oh, and I also detest the sound dogs make when licking nether parts. Try having TWO male dogs (both neutered, mind you) who not only lick their own privates, but also each others. Drives me insane! I am constantly yelling at them to stop licking their penises. (Yes, my friends and neighbors think I am crazy…they’re probably right.)

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