Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I found this week’s inspiration word, ‘reflections’ oddly difficult, probably because I was trying to be too clever. I wanted my contribution to say something all deep and meaningful about the human condition and stuff like that. Then I remembered that botched or clichéd attempts at profundity often trigger my sarcasm mode / vomit reflex, so it would be stupid to risk inducing that response in others. So I decided to post some pictures I took just because I quite like them. Trouble is, my favourite reflection pic is one I already posted here. But still, here it is again.
love yourself and watch 2This pic was taken in a derelict brewery in Cornwall and I love it because of the self-help/sinister quality of the graffiti.

The next two grubby reflections are urban pics as well, taken in Cardiff. My favourite is the first one because the distorted reflection makes the tower block look as if it’s peering back at the camera.

reflection 2reflection

Another building next, this time in Cornwall. This was taken in St. Ives, and I am the only person who has ever liked this picture. Since it’s my blog, though, I am allowed to include it.

round window

The final two are more conventional Cornish reflections. They don’t say anything profound about the nature of the universe, but they’re reasonably pretty, so.

boat reflection 2-pola

surf boy B&W


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Bewildered human. Female. Looking for the next entertaining thing. I write a blog to share the bewilderment. It's here: https://throbbingsofnoontide.wordpress.com/
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13 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

  1. Deborah - d.mooncrab says:

    Wonderful selection of images for this challenge! I like the first one the most.

  2. Witty, wonderful and …well, wonderful!!. Love them all. The distortions are awesome.

  3. Agree. Take care, you are valuable!

  4. I like the first one a lot, and may have achieved what you originally wanted to do!

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