Egg-based violence

I received a message from a man called Tony in response to my violent crime clipart.  He made, I felt, a valid point:

“These are all very good, but is there an intermediate level of violent clipart? Perhaps a Chinese burn, an eye poke, a wedgie and a bit of a shove with an accompanying ‘Grrr’ would help complete the set.”

While I was reflecting on the possibilities of this, I suddenly remembered an incident of low-level violence carried out by a member of my own family.

When my mum was young, she once waited on a bridge to drop an egg on the head of a girl she hated. I have drawn a representation of this in which my mother is bald:

This is clearly a case of premeditated bullying which proves that my mum is a very bad person indeed, but the thought of our mother doing this made me and my brother laugh until we nearly did a wee. Our laughter was not moderated in the slightest by the information that mum’s victim was called Gun. This took place in a country where Gun is not a hilarious name, but it finished my brother and me off altogether.

The universe did not let my young mother off entirely scot-free for her evil deeds though, because she did have to wear glasses that made her look a bit like this:


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