Everything I don’t know about headscarves

There was an old lady on the bus today who was about 3 ft tall and wearing a scarf. I suddenly found the scarf unfeasibly peculiar so I drew a picture.

It seems such an odd thing to do, to fold a square of material round your head and tie it under your chin. Are ladies over 70 worried their hair is going to fall off?


I decided to go home and research the history of the headscarf, but after a whole 15 seconds of looking I STILL hadn’t found anything interesting, so I gave up.

Do you think I will wake up one day in my 70s with a burning compulsion to tie a small cloth round my face?


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7 Responses to Everything I don’t know about headscarves

  1. Rachael says:

    I assume that the inevitable hair loss/thinning issue may contribute to the headscarf-wearing-elderly epidemic. Also, in the 40’s, Jackie-O used to wear her signature headscarf in her convertible, didn’t she? Perhaps it’s connected to the popular fashion trends of that generations youth? Therefore, when you’re seventy you’ll most likely be dressed head to toe in nylon telling fellow bus-riders to fuck off.

  2. Elli says:

    Elderly relative used to wear a headscarf with a fetching plastic rain hat over the top. It was to keep the ‘set’ in place so it would last until her hairdresser set it again the following week. The wind can play havoc you know!

  3. Levi Abdul Vishnu Angwyn Patel says:

    On the contrary, she was probably sucking on a mint imperial, a victory v lozenge or a moth ball and the scarf is simply a means to keep her mouth closed so the aforementioned confectionery doesn’t drop out and roll down her cat hair ridden rag of an old coat. Doesn’t take much to overload the central processing unit in these older models; a nice tin of pear shaped ham, an ethnic minority person out in the day time or dirty net curtains and they need to divert resources from non essential functions (so buy shares in adult nappies).

    I’m also not 100% sure about the doo being ruined. My turtle faced leathery old bag of a mother in law appears to have some kind of a square mold fixed to her head which is injected with wire wool under considerable pressure. The resulting “set” resembles a cross between Sponge Bob Square Pants and one of the evil transformers. I’m sure it’d be impervious to a nuclear strike and the only reason it needs covering up in the rain is to stop it going rusty!!

  4. Davies, G J says:

    I assumed they were perm-protectors, but I could be wrong?

  5. I am enjoying these images. Particularly the wire wool injection and the use of a scarf to keep your Victory V lozenges in place. I would pay good money for a photo.

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